Welcome to Natura Spice!

We are a Chef owned and operated, fun loving company in the beautiful Red Rocks of
Sedona, Arizona! Natura Spice is dedicated to providing you with organic, natural products with a commitment to deliver the maximum natural/ health benefits of foods and spices into everyday living.  All of our spice blends, infused salts, and extracts are hand blended, toasted, and packaged by Chef Jen to give you the ultimate experience in flavor and balance.  We only use organic and natural products from the best suppliers we can find. 

Natura's Cooking Studio offers classes from around the globe as well as Knife Skills 101, Modern Sauces, Techniques and the Basics, and many more specialty classes. Go to our Classes page and find the class (or several) that pique your interest!  Our classes are best described as a fun-filled dinner party for 10!  

Dear Chef Jen and Debbie:

I can't believe a week has elapsed already and I haven't yet let you both know
how special Dingle’s Big Fat Greek Birthday Party was for all of us who had the
pleasure of sharing that memorable evening! You created a “love-in” for our senses.
It was delicious and delightful from start to finish. Everything just appeared as if by
a magic wand. Were there hidden elves making the evening seems magical and effortless?
NO - it was just Chef Jen and Debbie doing all the hard work ahead of time! You are a great
team and our family felt like they would like to adopt you both as part of our tribe!

Thank you both so much for making Dingle’s birthday celebration “stupendous”. That’s how he describes the
evening at Nutura Spices. Post any part of our rave review on your website to let more people know how 
wonderful you are at creating joyous events!

I look forward to the next opportunity to cook together.

With great appreciation,

Please contact Chef Jen if you have any questions or just want to learn more about our spices, herbs, salts and blends, classes, private parties and events!
We would love to hear from you! 928-284-2070
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